RosettaHealth Platform

The Problem

There's a great deal of difficulty in getting your Health Information Systems to talk to one another, let along talk to the outside world.  This makes it painful trying to achieve objectives like Transitions of Care, Patient Portals, Exchanges with Federal agencies like CMS and VA and public health reporting.

The Answer

Our platform of components, RosettaHealth, has been designed to allow systems to interoperate with minimal effort:

  1. We have adapters for different protocols so that edge systems don't have to change,
  2. We can broker between different protocols, so even though system A doesn't speak system B's protocol, they can exchange documents,
  3. We provide rules based processing of global metadata, 
  4. We support many methods of getting information in or out securely and within specifications.

The Proof

We helped a CEHRT products, Hospitals and HIEs achieve their objectives in record time.  Some in as little as 2 weeks!

Objective Guarantee

Let us know what health information exchange objective you are trying to achieve.  If we take it on, we guarantee you'll make the objective.  And you'll do it in record time with our integration environments, training, and test support.

Simply Scalable

All our cloud-based infrastructure scales to your needs —  from infrequent exchanges to statewide infrastructures.  Our flexible pricing allows you to start small and grow as needs grow.  We won’t charge you for accounts or bandwidth you aren’t using yet.

Plug and Play

Our RosettaHealth platform uses the most common Health IT protocols for information exchange.  We figure out how to use the protocol your systems are already using.  Why mess with waiting around for vendors to code to new message protocols?

To learn more, please contact us.