Onboarding with CONNECT

The Problem

Whether it's the eHealth Exchange (formerly NwHIN Exchange) or CMS’ esMD exchange, navigating the onboarding processes, understanding the federal partner requirements and expectations, staying current on the specifications and gateway versions, preparing for and meeting the validation requirements, and seamlessly transitioning into production is an overwhelming and costly undertaking. Some of the more daunting recent changes include:

  • A rising bar: The first generation of tests has grown, nearly 10-fold. The focus has shifted from basic functionality and connectivity with partial test coverage to more comprehensive, exhaustive validation including dipping into payload conformance.  
  • Come prepared or fail: Previously, considerable assistance was provided to help candidates successfully complete onboarding. The new streamlined process is a true certification process, if you miss the bar - you will fail forcing you back to the end of the validation queue after issues are resolved. And, additional testing fees will be levied.
  • Self-study emphasis: The new process has a foundation in self-study, both products and implementations have to navigate through most materials on their own before hitting the actual final step of certification. The new process is mostly on you, the new Testing Body is there to make sure you pass - not to help you pass.

How We Help

Our Onboarding solution is designed to accelerate your organization through the process, we:

  • Define a tailored roadmap and clear milestones to lead up to certification.
  • Work with your team from a readiness assessment, and provide resources to harden up your weak areas.
  • Provide expert guidance in the test materials and tools.
  • Ensure that you pass the test, before you actually take the test.
  • Provide independent evaluation and help (so your product vendor or technical team doesn't end up pointing fingers at the certification board).

Overall, our goal is to supplement your team and make sure you succeed.

Why choose Nitor?

  • Our analysts wrote the written test packages. Literally. No one else in the world knows the testing bar as much as we do. We created the entire foundation that all test tools and the certification process is built on.
  • We aren't married to a particular EHR vendor. We only work with open solutions and our development focus in on the plumbing between systems. This ensures you get independent advice (sometimes your own technical team or your vendors will push back against the process - technical bickering and finger-pointing helps no one in the long-run).
  • We KNOW all the players in the specification, certification, and testing communities. If you have a spec issue we can't solve - we don't just post it to a discussion board - we pick up the phone and get it answered. More importantly, we don't just ask open questions - we push for interpretation that makes your life/deployment easier.
  • We took the first Exchange participant through the new testing process in an unprecedented period of eight (8) business days.

Save money, pass the test the first time. Not just the letter of it, but the spirit of it. We are the experts.

To learn more, please contact us.