CONNECT QuickStart

  • Evaluate client architecture and infrastructure for CONNECT feasibility
  • Install base CONNECT gateway
  • Create technical proof of concept linking CONNECT to the client’s EHR leveraging a single CONNECT service
  • Define production deployment architecture
  • Provide estimate to integrate CONNECT and move to Production

The CONNECT QuickStart is intended to provide an independent assessment of a client’s ability to implement CONNECT within their enterprise. At the end of the QuickStart engagement, CONNECT 3.3.1 or later will be installed in the client’s enterprise for testing and prototyping purposes. Additionally, a technical proof of concept connection between the CONNECT adapter layer and the client’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) system will be created using the Patient Discovery (PD) service and will leverage the client’s existing computing infrastructure.

Environment Assessment

While CONNECT is an open-source gateway product, it is supported in three different operating environments – Windows, Linux and Solaris. Additionally, MySQL is the default database but integrating CONNECT in to the client’s database infrastructure will also be assessed. At the end of the assessment phase, an architectural blueprint, including preliminary timeline and budget, will be established and coordinated with the client stakeholders. This will articulate the CONNECT target deployment architecture to include, but not be limited to: database and connectivity, adapter to EHR connectivity and overall environmental constraints such as test environment readiness, public network accessibility and certificate management.

CONNECT Installation

Following the assessment, CONNECT 3.3.1 (or later) will be implemented in a test environment within the client’s enterprise on client supplied server hardware. The gateway and all of its components, as defined in the target deployment architecture will be implemented within the client’s test environment. We will leverage the SoapUI internal and end-to-end self tests to verify the initial gateway implementation is successful.

Technical Prototype

With the base CONNECT gateway installed and verified, our team will create a patient discovery service demonstration prototype to prove the target architecture originally defined during the assessment phase truly is (or is not) viable.

Production Readiness Assessment

While proving that CONNECT and the EHR can communicate is tantamount to success, our team will also identify alternatives for the production deployment architecture that focus on performance, security, flexibility and scalability.

Estimate to Integrate and Deploy CONNECT in Production Environment

The final part of the QuickStart is an estimate to complete a production CONNECT implementation to include integrating all CONNECT services with the backend EHR and moving the environment in to production operations. Based on the prototype results and production readiness assessment, the estimate will include the budget and timeline to achieve production deployment of the CONNECT gateway.

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